Gathering so many MVPs into an already complex storyline would give most writers anxiety – Hocking dominated it!

Ulla’s finale seamlessly encompasses the culmination of Hocking’s World of Trylle. The Ever After pulls in each and every noteworthy character from series’ past lending level-headed Ulla guidance, recovering memories, shoulders to cry on, friendship, and royal negotiating skills. Hocking’s World coalesces into an army to save trolls and humanity alike. AH doesn’t bog the reader down with massive back history, but there is just enough to refresh the memory. Each Trylle World series is exceptionally well-written, but I imagine Omte had to have been the most difficult with its sheer number of POVs. Loved It!

*Note – How to know when an author really loves her job and loves her fans – when they give you a killer Glossary!

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