Whenever I review a Torpedo Ink book I like to preface with a disclaimer about the series (wholly my opinion) stating that Christine Feehan dedicates her talents (master story weaver and all-around BAB) toward raising awareness of physical and mental abuse, be they man, woman, or child. Though each storyline in Torpedo Ink is aggressive, raw, passionate, desperate yet full of hope and support from family and friends, brothers and sisters – it is written with purpose – extraordinary really. Reckless Road is Player and Zyah’s story, and dare I say, the most PG of the series so far. I adored Every Word!

*Note – Readers may need to dust off their Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew Sleuth Badges and magnifying glasses – you’re going to need them!

*Note – I like Pierce. I feel like if we knew more of his history (which I assume is coming), I’ll like him even more (hello… we all want Alena’s story). Having said that, I am (for unknown reasons) obsessed with Alena choosing Destroyer. Please, please, please CH… consider the heart-shaped sighs❣❣❣

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