Lightning Game is Rubin Campo and Jonquille’s story, and the 17th Ghostwalker novel by Christine Feehan. Rubin and his brother Diego hail from the Appalachian Mountains before they found their way into the Ghostwalker program – started by (seriously) evil genius, Whitney – now they live amongst other genetically and psychically enhanced soldiers around the Fontenot homestead in the Louisiana swamps. When the brothers make their semi-annual trip to the mountains a certain female ghostwalker has already made herself at home in the family’s old cabin – not only does she know they’ll be heading her way, but she also happens to be Rubin’s paired-by-Whitney mate and the meet-and-greet is lightning and thunder! As if ghostwalkers playing mountain tag isn’t enough, the soldiers find out that Whitney’s not the only Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde coming after them and Jonquille appears to be the target.

*Note – As this is the SEVENTEENTH Ghostwalker novel one may assume the series is getting stale – Not. Even. Maybe.

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