Reading Lover Unveiled is akin to entering into an amusement park, standing atop a skyscraper, getting lost in the wilderness, and taking a curvy mountain pass in a Bugatti at 300mph… you won’t know where to look first, vertigo will assail you, you’ll want to hunker down and wait for help to arrive, or cover your eyes, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth in an attempt to calm your racing heart – Nineteen books into the Black Dagger Brotherhood and J.R. Ward is still making us laugh, swoon, and basically mind-blowing us TF up!

Lover Unveiled focuses on Sahvage, a mysterious male who may or may not have belonged to the BDB order in the Old Country, and Mae, a Civilian female who is hiding a bizarre secret… in her… bathtub. Mae’s hunt for a magical tome places her in Sahvage’s visual axis, and he’s one male who Does Not lose sight of his prey. Their story is centuries in the making and thrilling in its complexities. Maevage isn’t the only story gifted to enthrall – there is a new supernova EVIL in Caldwell, Balthazar has a heist go wrong (really wrong), Murhder’s son Nate gets smitten with a new friend, Lassister is still wearing animal print stretchy pants but manages a come to Jesus serious moment, and Wrath, son of Wrath, sire of Wrath loses his temper… well, he always does… and it’s always impressive.

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