When Hadley Whitaker, the Potentate of Atlanta apprentice, dybbuk, and mate to Midas Kinase realizes that she is enough, that she was, in fact, enough as Amelie Pritchard, it felt like the very pages of Badge of Honor sighed with relief. Hadley has been coming into her own throughout the entire POA series and readers have been invested in her transformation from the beginning, but it was this first epilogue where readers truly know she believes in herself. Badge of Honor is the countdown to the gauntlet where Hadley will either earn the official title of POA or fail, her career over before it officially begins. As if that isn’t enough, Edwards is a fan of throwing a LOT of obstacles and roadblocks in front of her MCs, soooooo…. a beloved secondary character and good friend to Hadley is kidnapped and a second contender for the POA position strolls into Atlanta – the gauntlet is beginning to seem the lesser of all evils!

*Note – The word ‘Epilogue’ has such finality attached to it – and I NEVER want to leave Atlanta… so you can see my dilemma in drumming up enthusiasm for the “Final” “Epilogues” – okay… I had no problem squealing with delight when Badge of Honor hit my Kindle – I just wanted HE to know I could, and would, be happier if say, I KNEW for SURE that Bishop’s story is next in line.

*Note – Ambrose spinoff???

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