What’s better than a new K. F. Breene DDVN – a DDVN where Reagan is back in the driver’s seat! Hold onto your Lucifer-progeny loving pants, Revealed in Fire is Underworld hotttt🔥🔥🔥 No more subterfuge. No more hiding. About to have her heritage outed, Reagan leaves the safety of Darius’ humble abode to face the explosive fallout, and hopefully, stay world’s away from daddy’s hellfirery hands. Reagan, is as always, predictably unpredictable, and with two separate seers steering her course out of the Brink and into the mouth of the Elvish Moby Dick’s lair, things go further south when the party includes Natural Dual-Mages throwing magical smackdowns, vampire politicking, grumpy druids, shifter aggression, and the imperturbable Warrior Fae’s familial drama… K. F. Breene should have titled this one – S#!t Show: Revealed on Every Page💋

I can not wait for the tenth book… because Revealed in Fire’s ending… NOOOOOOOO!!!

For those of you that haven’t ordered Revealed in Fire yet, I’ve attached an Amazon link below as well as a link for Mentored in Fire, the tenth release due out July 30, 2021! For those that wish to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!