Each installment in Mary Balogh’s dearly loved Wescott series is an escape from the cacophony and hustle and bustle of our lives. Opening Someone to Cherish, you’ll sigh with contentment, relax your shoulders, and simply appreciate the moment of escaping into the British Regency era.

Balogh’s eighth Westcott installment is Major Harry Westcott and Lydia Tavernor’s story! Harry has struggled for years to come to terms with not only his family’s abrupt change in fortune but also surviving near-death injuries during the Napoleonic Wars. Lydia is a curate’s widow, living a simple, country life in Hampshire where Harry’s childhood home Hinsford Manor sits. Both Lydia and Harry have been betrayed by someone close to them and carry invisible scars. Both of them are living a quiet, mostly satisfying existence with moments of joy. Both have families that love them and are loved in return. However, both of them come to realize that true happiness will be theirs only when they find… someone to cherish.

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