Reagan in the Underworld goes together like peanut butter and jelly💜She is meant to rule, and though Reagan is all about destruction, her true purpose appears to be balance. Lucifer might be laying the red carpet schtick on thick, and his little princess might be eating up the magical training and head patting, but come on – this is Reagan we’re talking about. She never would willingly walk away from her friends or Darius for that matter – and – there is a grumpy, bonus Druid to slap her back into reality if the demon bowing goes to her head… Mentored in Fire is K. F. Breene’s tenth Demon Days, Vampire Nights novel, and the author sprinkled its pages with everything but the kitchen sink.💋 Ja even has a starring role – vampire goals – as do Emery and Peeping Penny – AND – there are DRAGONS!

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