K.F. Breene’s eleventh Demon Days, Vampire Nights novel – Battle With Fire – is the WTF, holy $#!t, final Hail Mary hallelujah installment of the series! And. It. Is. Glorious! The epic battle between vampires, fae, elves, shifters, druids, and demons has arrived, and trust me DDVN fans, there is zero chance of a Winter is Coming letdown! While Reagan continues to rain fire and ice by the seat of her pants, Darius advances his elder vampire long game in the Underworld. All the heavy hitters are in play, plus the author delves deeper into her DDVN storyline by fleshing out even more of certain cast member’s backstories❣

Demon Days, Vampire Nights is a legendary fantasy series rated E for Everyone who adores powerhouse fantasies🏴‍☠️

*Note – Dear KFB, two hands up and a resounding YES to spinoffs! Vlad? Roger? Cahal??? Lucifer??? Ja???!!!

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