For readers who love Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink series, you are in for a smoking hot treat with Victoria Jayne’s new MC series, Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club! I read the first two books back-to-back, so I’m reviewing them both today❣

Jacob and Sparrow met at a motorcycle club rally when they were teenagers. Jacob’s father is the VP of Odin’s Fury, the national chapter based in Montana, and Sparrow’s father is the Roughneck Rider’s SAA out of Ohio. Living so far apart meant letter writing and promises made for the future. Unsurprising, opposing Clubs don’t care about childhood crushes, but when Odin’s Fury turns Gungnir (okay, okay… they don’t really have Odin’s three-pronged spear to wield at their rivals – this isn’t fantasy people!!!) toward Roughrider territory, Jacob and Sparrow meet again. Unfortunately, Jacob’s responsibilities leave little time to woo Sparrow, and Sparrow’s boyfriend Pipes makes reconnecting a no-no. Both books are a fascinating look into the one percenter’s way of life, the rules that govern them, and the women who want to be their Ol’ Ladies.

Really enjoyed this series! It’s always nice to step out of fantasy for a bit. You guys will not regret a moment of Odin’s Fury.

*Note – The third book, Dash (Daniel’s story – everyone’s favorite best friend brother and craft beer connoisseur), is scheduled to go on pre-sale October 2021 and release November 30, 2021. So far, there is no Amazon link available, but as soon as it comes up, I will add it below.

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