With each new Dark World installment, Donna Grant tweaks, plucks, adjusts, pokes, prods, and aligns the Others’ storyline until readers are second-guessing their second guesses! Dark Alpha’s Need is Reaper Torin and the Dark Fae Breda’s story. It does throw several crumbs and a few truth bombs our way… never enough! We all thought that once Usaeil, the Queen of “Light”, was destroyed that the Others’ walls would come crumbling down – however, where there is an evil will, there is always an evil way… Breda just so happens to have key intel on the yin and yang underground leaders of the Dark and Light Fae, and Torin doesn’t have any issues with the messenger❣️ ***Remember – Good things come to those who wait (hello… Con and Rhi…).

*Note – I can’t believe we’re already on the thirteenth Reaper novel! I think we’re down to just TWO single Reapers – Balladyn and Aisling – I thought I would want Aisling and Xaneth’s story more than anything, but it turns out, after reading Dark Alpha’s Need, I can think of nothing but Balladyn! I haven’t a clue who Donna Grant has for the former Dark King, but she had better be AMAZING!!!

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