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The Cornish Princess unearths the skeletal remains of bygone history, beginning with Brutus of Troy’s banishment, his landing and settling in what is now Britain, and his eventual family ties with the Princess of Cornwall. In the author’s own words, “This is NOT a romance. It is a romantic fantasy.” I feel The Goldenchild Prophecy series is far more hybrid than that. When an author passionately researches the past while gently inserting an entirely new perspective… the words, the story, beg to be read. Crosby delves into the spread of Rome’s Red Tide while drawing on the magical legend of the Tuatha Dé Danann, with hints of Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers, sprinkles of Rumpelstiltskin, traitors, mysterious murders, politics, and currents of familial relations, each carrying a deadly undertow of secrets. There are Druids, witches, faekind, and piskies. Battles, treaties, and takeovers. Faith, friendship, and love. As I stated earlier… The Cornish Princess is not simply a romantic fantasy. There is nothing simple about it. Crosby has created a balanced, multifaceted genre, one where history’s battle cry is tangible while fingers of fable and fantasy pull and tug the unwary.

I first read and reviewed The Cornish Princess last October. Those who follow me know that I gobble up all that is historical. When The Cornish Princess popped up in audible, I decided to dip my toes back into the gloriously cool waters surrounding the British Isles, refamiliarizing myself with Princess Gwendolyn, before the second book, The Queen’s Huntsman, releases on July 26. Narrator Marian Hussey deserves accolades for engaging her listeners so effortlessly.  Hussey perfects the gravelly tones of the elder aldermen, King Corineus’ death rattle, Gwendolyn’s youthful exuberance, the sonorous Scottish rumble of Queen Eseld, and Málik Danann’s otherworldly drawl. Hussey makes Crosby’s magical storytelling magical. The Goldenchild Prophecy is a historical fiction/fantasy series plumped to its bookbinding with fables, lore, magic, mystery, and the haunting moors of ancient Cornwall. For those who listen to audiobooks a lot, Marian Hussey’s narration is similar in style to Mary Jane Wells, who narrated Lisa Kleypas’ The Ravenals series, Peter Kenny in The Witcher series, and Justine Eyre who narrated Sarah MacLean’s Scandal & Scoundrel series.

I have placed an Amazon Audible link for The Cornish Princess below. The same link will show you its Kindle, Hardcover, and paperback choices as well. Let me know what you think of this new series!!! Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews