Kerrigan Byrne’s Fiona Mahoney mysteries are steeped in the dark and dangerous macabre of the nineteenth-century London streets. The man responsible for the gruesome death of Fiona’s best friend in A Business of Blood, Jack the Ripper, still haunts the ex-pat from Ireland. Fiona makes her living now as a forensic cleaner. The bloody crime scenes she works not only provide income for her small household but allows her an opportunity to track whether Jack is back in the game of murdering the city’s prostitutes. Fiona’s intuitive nature lends itself to honing her detective skills, which comes in handy when Grayson Croft’s sister hires her to investigate the murder of a prostitute whom Amelia Croft knew from her old brothel.

In A Treacherous Trade, Fiona is driven to seek justice for the voiceless. Her relentless nature is shaken but not deterred by Jack’s letters to her. He is watching her, obsessed with her, and, I believe, wants her to find him, and much to the consternation of the men in her life, Fiona will do just about anything to ensure that she does. She is safe from his scalpel – for now – but only so long as she remains pure… and with three men circling the intrepid blood cleaner, her purity is a thread away from snapping.

Kerrigan Byrne channels her inner Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe voices to create this dark and sumptuous mystery!

Thank you for stopping in! I hope everyone is enjoying this series as much as I am. I’ve attached Amazon links for the first two books and a pre-release link for the third book, A Vocation of Violence, coming out October 11, 2022.