The Goode Girls series is a keeper (I read the first five books in a week)❣️ Kerrigan Byrne has fast become an author whose new releases are met with finger-tingles of joy. The Goode Girls is a transitional series that spins off and has crossover characters with the author’s Victorian Rebels series.

I adored Seducing a Stranger, Sir Carlton Morley and Prudence Goode’s story, a fierce and lovely romance that sings, but Honoria Goode and Doctor Titus Conleith’s tale in the second installment, Courting Trouble… deeply touched me – where life and love come down to choices – choices with consequences – choices that leave scars – and choices that ultimately heal.

Just when you think Byrne may be ready for a soothing stroll through Hyde Park, she drops the Sauvageau brothers in our laps! Dancing with Danger, the third Goode Girls, features smuggler Raphael Sauvageau and Mercy Goode, a feisty, self-named detective who will not, under any circumstances, shy away from danger, and that includes one of Scotland Yard’s Most Wanted! Raphael and Mercy… memorable… However, it is the older, darker, and damaged Sauvageau brother, whose story I admit, intrigued me far more than any of the others. Tempting Fate is the fifth book and features Gabriel Sauvageau and Felicity Goode. Though Raphael is dangerous, he is also suave and charismatic; his older brother… is not. He is a giant among men, hidden beneath a reaper cloak of darkness. The brothers are reformed criminals and seek a new life, but Gabriel can’t bring himself to stop watching Felicity from the shadows, Mercy’s twin sister, from afar. Felicity is serene where her sister is explosive – her happy place is her greenhouse in lieu of murder scenes. Gabriel’s story… oh my, grab the tissues.

I wasn’t sure I’d like Crying Wolfe to be honest. You know, when you’ve come to love the Goode sisters only to find out there are more of them, but you aren’t invested in them, and you don’t know if your heart has room… Well, that was my concern until about the second page! Who doesn’t like a brash, self-made American and a hidden away-in-the-country secret Goode sister?! Elijah Wolfe and Rosaline Goode is the story no one knew was needed until it was released! All in all, I absolutely, 💯, recommend this entire series.

*Note – If you haven’t started Byrne’s Fiona Mahoney Mystery series yet – It is a MUST!

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