It’s been 1,609 days since I last read a Kate Daniels novel … ‘They’ say it takes 21 days to break a habit. ‘They’ are liars. When Ilona Andrews used the ‘C’ word and said the KD series was Complete, I’ve been seeing a therapist moving on with my life – but now – the Wilmington Years … I feel like I won the lottery, can eat a jar of Skippy Super Chunk peanut butter a day with no weight gain, my doctor found a free cure to middle-aged crepey skin, and all BECAUSE Magic Tides touched my fingers …

Kate and Curran leave their high-profile life in Atlanta to suburbanite themselves and live a low-key, peaceful, ‘normal’ life with their son Conlan in Wilmington … Best intentions and all that … the Lennart’s don’t do quiet (especially Kate). This new spinoff is as exceptional as the OG – and did I mention that a certain claymore-wielding shifter stops by the new family estate to extend hellos???!!!

Honestly, the Ilona Andrews’ team can write shorts, novellas, full-length novels, or poetry – release their works yearly or every decade – they write – I will read it.

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