Pre-Review Query – and this must be asked – HH, hand over heart, no riddles, no diversions – nuckalavee, Afflicted, or Mage – How … How did you make me adore Belle? Subliminal magic messages? I’m beginning to question my good sense.

Red Hawk is Helen Harper’s final book in the author’s A Charade of Magic series – and as finales go – Success!!! Hummingbird, Nightingale, and Red Hawk abound with unforgettable characters, ones that you empathize with, feel their joy, applaud their bravery, and shudder at the injustices committed against them – characters that you despise and want crushed beneath a daemon’s heel – the harsh, wily, and kind – they are each enthralling in their own way. Harper places them all in Scotland where every citizen is oppressed by cruel and power-hungry Mages. Mairi soldiers on in this dystopian world, a world where she believed the Mages were the biggest bads in need of a takedown. She was wrong. Everyone was wrong. Red Hawk unearths the rot plaguing Scotland – and it isn’t the flesh-eating Afflicted. I love a series that keeps its secrets!

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