Dragonfire brings us quite the twisted mystery – Roman and Sabina’s story is not theirs alone but plays an important role in V’s as well. Pluses for the 14th Dark Kings novel (in no particular order): Roman, Sabina, V, *Camlo (see note below), the Others, visiting Romania and Iceland, Rhi scenes (and there was quite a bit of talk about He Who Shall Not Be Named… are we getting prepared for something…), Ulrik and Con having a heart to heart❤️         Minuses for the 14th Dark Kings novel (in no particular order): we still don’t know Rhi’s king💔

I felt like Dragonfire gave us tons of information on the Others – finally… a few questions answered! Sabina is able to bring the Dragon Kings insight into the mysterious ‘mean club’ that they had yet to discover on their own. I’ve mentioned this before – for me, the Dark Kings novels, or World, always has two mains and yet it never feels just about them. Every storyline, every new enemy, every new mate, each heartache, tear, and laugh, every weighted apprehension and second guess takes all the characters – the good, the bad, the in-betweens, the sinister, the dark and light – to create each and every installment. I so admire the author’s writing style.

*Note – Camlo – Sabina’s brother stole the show – like straight up knocked his sister and Roman off the page when he had something to say! I hope everyone adores him the way I do and that we get to see him again in the future!

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