Disenchanted is dangerously charming. Silvery mists and gentle exhalations blow through the forest of Brocéliande where grumbling thunder, forked lightning, ravening beasts, and jagged thorns abound – the moment Princess Lilac’s fated steps breach the shadowy woodland – fate lines prickle her palms, spinning wildly and pushing her ferociously toward a new destiny.

One might presume the cursed princess’ journey of healing through Brocéliande’s enchanted dangers would begin timidly and fizzle boringly to a close – I mean, she has been locked up for a decade by her royal self-indulgent parents, practically ostracized by the very people she one day hopes to rule – but no! – Lilac Minecraft creeps like a boss, a flowy-haired George Thorogood goddess – all I Drink Alone and carry an enchanted dagger! Lilac manages to find hope while surrounded by disinterest and degradation, has impressive food and spirit pilfering 007 skills, determination that outweighs inexperience – a true gem amongst stone-cold boulder ogres.

Sugalski’s skill with character development is masterful – knights in tarnished armor, monsters that cherish family, heartless vampires that need a hug, crazy witches, and royally intriguing wastrels – Who is good? Who is bad? What side will you choose? Humans? Darklings? Disenchanted is full of treachery, prejudice, disillusionment, and death – but it also embraces unlikely friendships, forgiveness, merriment and joy, beautiful landscapes, and love.

*Note – This book would have received 4.5 hearts due to the number of grammatical errors, however, the author is aware of the issues and she and the editor are taking pains to correct them. They do not take away from the overall story, but they are irritating…

*Note – Please, oh please, let this be a generously long series. Amen.

All told, Brianna Sugalski enchants. This novel is what I consider a fantasy genretopia: comedic, dark, romance, sword and sorcery… shifters, vampires, fairies, fae, ogres, sirens… the list goes on and on… a fairytale with all the bells and whistles!

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