Part 2 of A. M. Sommers StM series brings readers deeper into Sophie’s crazy new life. Lying becomes second nature and begging her inner wolf to not pop out and play at inappropriate moments is the norm. Secrets are hard to keep from loved ones, heck, they’re hard to keep as a rule, but Sophie fears the fallout.

Sommers writes skillfully, but with a relaxed air that shows confidence in her ability. Shifters Take Manhattan’s storyline is a blemish-free, shifter extravaganza, with best friend antics, steamy showers (🚿👀), red meat inhaling, and knife fights (wait… what?!). Sooo, fantagasm worthy.

*Note – Will seems like THE MOST perfect, of perfectly wonderful men – why then, do I get a not so perfect vibe from him?! It’s driving me crazy. I’m sure I’m reading too much between the lines, but…

*Note – Part 3, Sophie’s Shifter Dilemma, releases…??????!!!!!!! When I know, I promise, YOU will know!

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