Tears by page 18… fine… I admit family reunions make me sniffle. I persevered. By page 21, I laughed out loud and groaned in embarrassment (how can the written word make a reader cringe and blush). Someone to Honor is the sixth book in the Westcott series and is Abigail Westcott (Viola’s youngest daughter and sister to Harry and Camille) and Gilbert Bennington’s story.

Usually, when a series progresses past the third or fourth novel a certain pattern arises that the reader comes to expect – sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it leads to boredom. Balogh doesn’t do boring… soooo…. good things it is! Starting with Someone to Love, the author’s characters are diverse and welcomely flawed. They feel guilt, remorse, anger, envy, love, and passion. They are always human.

It’s taken six years for Abigail to find her real self after losing the societal nomenclature of legitimacy. Lieutenant Colonel Bennington has lived the entirety of his life knowing exactly where he fits into society. Both are willing to throw the bone of contention convention to the wolves. Gil is not your mama’s classical male lead… results… oooh, sooo intriguing.

*Note – Chapter 20 had me side-eyeing a possible love connection – I am not going to say who the possible candidates are but a full-length novel or novella surely is waltzing around Balogh’s head. I would LOVE to say WHO the twosome is… BUT I WILL NOT. I WOULD, however, love to hear what you all think💙👂💙 (My dreams will be realized November 5  – dang it! I didn’t mean to add that😉)

Mary Balogh’s Westcott installments have never (NEVER) received anything less than 5 Stars from me. I hope you have already started the series but in case you’re just recovering from dial-up internet, the Amazon links for the entire series are below 💙 If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!